Cuny & Guerber is able to assist our clients with:


Cuny & Guerber can aid with programmable controllers, distributed I/O, graphical touch screens, message displays, industrial panel PCs, flat panel industrial monitors, Dell computers, graphical software, temperature controllers, and industrial Ethernet. We can help with media converters and switches.

Circuit Protection

Cuny & Guerber has an array of protection capabilities for your circuits. We have many types of power breakers such as miniature, low voltage, arc flash and ground-fault protection breakers. We also supply disconnect switches, electrical, PC board, high speed, British/European and electronic fuses for our customers. We can also provide different types of supplementary protectors, depending on your needs.


On the distribution end, Cuny & Guerber is able to aid our clients with busways, load centers, different types of metering equipment, motor control centers, panel boards, power distribution products, safety switches, surge protection and TVSS, transformers and wire management systems. If you don’t see a specific piece you are looking for, be sure to contact us today and we can get it for you.

Electrical Enclosures

Cuny & Guerber are the leaders when it comes to electrical enclosures. We offer different computer modular pieces, operator interfaces, datacom enclosures, industrial enclosures, corrosion resistant pieces, commercial boxes and enclosures, wireways and troughs, thermal management and even hazardous location enclosures. Let us know your needs and we can help assist with all of your enclosures.

Machine Control

There are many automation components that Cuny & Guerber can provide. The diversity of component networks that we work with include seriplex and Asi, to name a few. We also supply encoders and we can help with your machine needs.

Motor Control

When dealing with motor controls, Cuny & Guerber offers a wide range of different motors and drives. Such items include: panel AC drives, packaged drives, combination starters, IEC contractors and starters, NEMA contactors and starters, gearboxes, servos amplifiers and motors, stepper drives and motors and self-protected starters.

Contractor Supplies

Cuny & Guerber offers many contractor supplies to our customers as well. We can help with different load centers, lighting panels and fixtures, wire terminations, wires in general, surge protectors, bulbs, hardware and more.

Special Capabilities from Cuny & Guerber

Our Stock

  • Direct electronic access to all Square D US warehouses
  • A dedicated floor stock to service JIT needs for projects that need to be moved along at a faster pace

Kitting & Assembly Services

  • Custom labeling, marking and bar coding *provided for our products
  • Custom packaging and put-ups
  • A facility with a staging of products that are broken down by project and/or specific job

Computer Services

  • Cloning and image storage
  • Pre-installed cards that configure computer components
  • Access to 125,000 products from manufacturers worldwide

Program Managers

  • Cuny & Guerber provides dedicated program managers who are responsible for data entry, expediting, running reports and handling returns/exchanges.

Cuny & Guerber offers many different products for our clients. If you don’t see an item you are looking for on here, contact us today. To learn more about Cuny & Guerber or to get in touch with one of our talented staff, please contact us at or by phone at: 201-617-5800.